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After your pet's evaluation, we may suggest an alternative or holistic approach to treatment rather than western medicine. We pay special attention to the whole picture when it comes to making sure your pet stays happy and healthy.

  • Food therapy

  • Herbal treatments

  • Acupunture

Get the right treatment for your pet

Depending on your pet's needs, we will prescribe a treatment plan designed specifically for them. This may include conventional care, alternative medicine, or a combination of both.


Your pet will be treated as a whole and not just for their symptoms.

We strive to find the least invasive and most natural treatment

Get what your pets need for their optimal health and call Limerick Veterinary Clinic in Dexter, NY today!

Therapeutic medicines derived from the natural environment

Veterinary acupuncture can benefit all life stages

A balanced diet is an integral part of your pet's health